Mark: 2/27/15
Although we didn’t see you last year I wanted to again thank you for your help with Hank.  Really, your advice was mostly focused on me….Hank was fine, he just needed a better teacher.  He’s the best dog I’ve ever owned and it was your help that allowed me to help him to realize his potential.  He’s a bird-finding machine and getting better each year.
Thank you John ! Lily and I had a great season! Couldn’t have done it with out your help. I have done more bird hunting this year than any other year that I can rember, my deer hunting has sufferd because I’ve spent most of my free time with lily looking for birds! Her desire to hunt is incredible.
Thanks again!  Bob
We had 10 birds out, he found and flushed 8 of 10. One ran forever but never flushed and one he didn’t find but we eventually flushed it. He sat to flush on a couple of birds but he at least paused on all of them, he never jumped for a bird!!! I am so proud of him we had a great time and Bubba loved it.
Hi John, Just a little update. After 3 trips to the field Emmett finally got his first pheasant this morning. We worked the field a couple times and on his third pass locked up on point. I walked in and I could see the bird about two feet off his nose, the bird flushed and I made an easy shot. Emmett stayed right still the entire time , even when I told him to go get it, I walked him over to the bird and he mouthed it but didnt want to pick it up. so I tossed it and he went after it and brought it back to me(he also found a cold dead bird that someone must have lost, he had no problem grabbing that one.). The rest of the morning he spent searching the field while returning to jump at my vest knowing he had one in there. I am very happy with his performance he seems enthusiastic and is listening very well.Thank you very much. I have noticed he prefers the woods over the tall grass and thorn bushes of the fields but I’m sure that will change as he finds more birds there. I am going camping this weekend so I will be in touch the first of the week to set something up. I hope your hunting is going well . Thank you and talk to you soon, Jamey