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John is a Certified Dog Trainer and has been working with field dogs for over 15 years. His experience is in pointing and flushing breeds.

John's, approach in training is different from what you may find elsewhere. He is devoted to "train the owner" while training the dog.

If you send your dog away...what are you learning? How will you correct your dog if he isn't doing what you want?

One other facet of John's experience, he has been successful in helping gun-shy dogs.

If you have a dog of this type, contact John for details before you decide to give your dog up, or give up on your dog.

There is no bond, with the exception of a perfect love affair, that can be fuller than the relation between a gunner and his bird dogs. I needn't describe it to those who have known it and understand, it is probably useless to try with those who don't - George Bird Evans

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